World Oceans Day at UNESCO


This year, in addition to its regular participation to the United Nations World Oceans Day celebrations at the UN Headquarters in New York, Blancpain also supported the festivities at UNESCO, Paris. 

World Oceans Day 2019 is dedicated to the theme of Gender and Ocean. At UNESCO this theme was connected to sustainable consumption of marine products. Chefs have a vital role in preserving ocean resources through their influence on the diet of mainstream audiences, as well as restaurateurs around the world. From this perspective, World Oceans Day aims to highlight the link between science, sustainable consumption, the influence of Chefs on consumer habits, new generations of cooks and sustainable marine products, as well as the presence women Chefs committed to the cause.

Blancpain is thrilled to have joined its long-standing Art-de-Vivre partner Relais & Châteaux for the World Oceans Day at UNESCO and is thankful to Laurent Ballesta who has accepted to present the Blancpain-backed Gombessa Expeditions program to the audience.


On the picture, from left to right: Salvatore Arico (Chef de la section sciences de l’océan du COI-UNESCO) // Mai-Lynh Boniatzis (Blancpain, France) // Laurent Ballesta (photographe naturaliste, leader Expéditions Gombessa) // Julian Barbière (Chef de la section des politiques marines et de la coordination régionale du COI-UNESCO) // Esterelle Payany (journaliste) // Julien Dumas (Chef Relais & Château) // Elodie Fleury (Responsable du laboratoire de physiologie des invertébrés – Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer (Ifremer))

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