World Ocean Day 2015

New York, June 8th 2015

Realizing how important underwater photography is for the United Nations, the 2013th co-partner, the US based “Dive Photo Guide – dpg” launched an annual photo contest that, since 2014, “seeks to inspire the creation and dissemination of positive imagery, which conveys the beauty and importance of the ocean and humankind’s relation to it”.

On the evening of the 8th of June, the UN again announced the winners of dpg’s “World Ocean Day contest”. Again, this festive evening celebration is done in partnership with Blancpain’s Ocean Commitment. 
In the coming months the UN’s World Ocean Day message will also be part of Blancpan’s worldwide road show. Your chance to have a look at some of the most inspiring underwater photography that has one aim in common: save the oceans.
In 2013 Blancpain joined the celebration with a powerful message that highlighted the importance the ocean plays on local economies, its beautiful yet fragile ecology, and the necessary role of exploration and science to learn about to protect this vital habitat. The photo exhibition was done out of the engaging work of nine “Fifty Fathoms” photographers that are roaming the oceans to get imagery that conveys the importance of pristine seas, and how all of the issues threatening it are closely linked together. Thus the World Ocean Day exposition demonstrated the urgency that the problems must be addressed as a whole and as the message was powerfully delivered from some of the best underwater photographers the United Nation honored it with one of its longest photo displays ever: for more than six months.

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