Documentary "The mysteries of Mont La Pérouse": a spotlight on an expedition supported by Blancpain


The Blancpain Manufacture is thrilled to announce the release of the documentary "The mysteries of Mont La Pérouse". This feature unveils a natural phenomenon of vital importance to our ocean's biodiversity: seamounts. There are estimated to be several tens of thousands of these underwater mountains found throughout the world, however, only a few hundred of these geological formations have been studied. Mont La Pérouse, the area in question, is still unknown to oceanographers.


In November 2019, Laurent Ballesta, together with local researchers and part of his Gombessa diving team, led an expedition to study, characterize and illustrate the exceptional biodiversity of this zone located 160 km northwest of Reunion Island. Conducted with the support of Blancpain, founding partner of the Gombessa expeditions and many other oceanographic missions of the French biologist and underwater photographer, the exploration of Mont La Pérouse was a great first.


"The mysteries of Mont La Pérouse", are available to discover online via the French, German, Spanish and Italian pages of, now and until April 12th, 2021.

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