Blancpain supports the 17th edition of Festisub


Since 2014, Blancpain has been the main sponsor of Festisub, the Swiss Underwater Film Festival. Hosted each year in the city of Neuchâtel, this event offers the public a unique opportunity to discover the work of several photographers, biologists, film directors and other artists performing in the field of underwater image. Throughout the years, Festisub has established itself as an unmissable coming together of ocean exploration professionals and amateurs. By supporting Festisub, Blancpain aims to raise awareness about ocean conservation and to share its passion for the underwater world.

Blancpain supported the 17th edition of Festisub which took place on March 8 & 9 2019 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Once again, all three sessions had been sold out in advance, with a total attendance of 1600 spectators over the two days.


For this year's photography contest, 16 countries were represented by 116 photographers who competed in 3 categories: « Fresh Water », « Ice », and « Duo Sea ». The winners are respectively: Sven Tramaux (CH), Tobias Friedrich (DE) and Henley Spiers (UK).

On the Saturday evening session, the centerpiece of the film festival was "700 Sharks into the Dark", Laurent Ballesta's latest documentary film which was recently awarded the Best Wildlife Film prize at the New York Film Festival.

The film is a 4K special in which Laurent's team dives, for the first time by night, into a feeding frenzy of 700 sharks in Polynesia. This is the largest known concentration of grey reef sharks in the world. Filmed with very ambitious camera gear, the documentary reveals unprecedented social behavior of sharks.

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