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United Nations World Oceans Day 2020 photo competition


In 2013, in order to raise public awareness about the environmental issues facing the oceans, Blancpain organises Oceans, an underwater photographic exhibit at the United Nations headquarters in New York during the celebration of the World Oceans Day. This exhibition features photographs by contributors to the annual limited-edition underwater photography publication Edition Fifty Fathoms, as well as pictures and videos from the many expeditions supported by Blancpain as founding partner. This presentation, visited by more than 100,000 people, highlights the ecological and economic importance of healthy oceans and the need to preserve their fragile biodiversity.

Further to this successful event, the United Nations decided to organise a yearly open and free photo competition and ceremony seeking to reveal the beauty of the ocean and to motivate people to preserve it. Blancpain is proud of having contributed to the establishment of this brilliant project that the Brand has been supporting as official partner for seven years now.  

The results of this year's photo competition have been announced on Monday June 8th during the UN official virtual event celebrating World Oceans Day. Ellen Cuylaerts, curator of the 2020 competition, is a renowned underwater photographer and contributor to the 2016 Edition Fifty Fathoms publication.


To watch the 2020 results announcement:

https://unworldoceansday.org/2020  (starting at 2:35:00)

United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition website:  



Banner Image on this page: Yung-Sen Wu, Underwater Seascapes Category – 2nd place

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© Geo Cloete, Above Water Seascapes Category – 1st place 
© Leighton Lum, Rejuvenation Category – 1st place
© Michael Gallagher, Underwater Life Category – 1st place
© Kyla McLay, Youth Category – 1st place
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