Marc A. Hayek

Wildlife Photographer

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"Passing the passion."


"Exploring the undersea world and discovering the ocean’s beauty had been a passion of mine for many years before succumbing to the lure of underwater photography."


About the photographer


Having traveled to many famous dive sites around the world, I thought I had seen most of what there was to see. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! My eye behind a camera’s viewfinder revealed a whole new world of tiny creatures, complex shapes and textures. The flash brought to light amazing colors in astounding compositions. These revelations triggered an instinctive challenge to try and capture those exceptional moments: encounters with sea creatures and their expression of emotion and unexpected behaviors.

Now, after years of personal experience with underwater photography, I realize that its practice leads to an unceasing astonishment and profound questioning of the whats, whys, and hows of marine life. – As a watchmaker there is of course another source of fulfillment in underwater photography: the technical evolution, with housings becoming mechanical marvels, allowing the photographer to make use of all the features offered by modern digital cameras. 
With my background in mechanical engineering, that struck a strong chord inside me. – My fascination for underwater photography is best described as an endless search for perfection, using the finest imaging tools to capture the beauty of nature’s hidden secrets. Even though perfection will never be achieved, this quest is the source of ongoing motivation for me and a deep feeling of fulfillment. Aside from the challenge and satisfaction of capturing the image, underwater photography allows me to share views of a world that remains hidden to most people, providing a powerful means to raise “Ocean Awareness”. 
Beyond my own photography, I am also inspired to support the work of explorers and professional underwater photographers who can thus pass their passion to others and motivate them to learn and care more about the ocean.

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