Edition Fifty Fathoms - 2014



Dive Experience by Dietmar W. Fuchs
Gianluca Genoni by Aaron Wong
Gombessa I & II by Laurent Ballesta

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While the first set of five Edition Fifty Fathoms started the finest magazine of underwater photography the second set of seven magazines is dedicated to Blancpain's Ocean Commitment-still incorporating four portfolios of four of the finest underwater photographers. But the extraordinary Ocean Commitment is playing the dominant role in the editorials accompanying the dedicated underwater photography. As nothing describes the leading role of Blancpain in Sport Diving, dive watches and Ocean Commitment better than the one week Blancpain's President and CEO Marc A. Hayek spent diving with some of the leading personalities of sport diving in Fakarava, this edition is dedicated to Fakarava and Blancpain's Ocean Commitment-with the exclusive feature of Marc A. Hayek's underwater-photo portfolio.