Imran Ahman

Wildlife Photographer

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"Always searching & never destroying."


"Eventually, I would have to share some of my secrets with you about my photography, but the truth is there’s none. 
I just had an idea, which lead to some research and in the end to a final product. My last pictures were done with lots of lights for instance."


About the photographer


I believe that only when you understand light in underwater photography, you can make your subject look unique and different. I wanted to evoke the drama in those shots. I experimented on different photographic method both »old school« and »new school« method. What I enjoyed most was discovering what I could do with old techniques in conjunction with new equipment. 

I played with HDR (High Dynamic Range), IR (Infra Red) and reverse ring macro to better my existing shots. I believe if you push and combine some of these techniques, it can take you to a very special place. 

This is where everything »old« becomes »new« again. Lastly, I wanted my audience to be in awe of my photographic work. So come on a journey through my world of »Experimental Underwater Photography.

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