Keri Wilk

Wildlife Photographer

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"You can imagine it, you can create it."


"Each of us has a uniquely personal approach to photography. Being an engineer, my approach is to visualize an image that I’d like to create, and then treat it like an equation which needs to be solved by using a combination of camera settings, lenses, lights, custom-made tools, and image composition."


About the photographer


Another important factor in producing interesting and unusual images is an intimate understanding of the subjects you are trying to shoot. I began developing my craft in the Caribbean Sea, where I spent much time getting to know the normal behaviors as well as the peculiarities of most of its inhabitants and, in particular, how they react to being stalked and photographed.

By incorporating this knowledge into the creative process, I’ve been able to turn many ordinary subjects into extraordinary pieces of art. My lengthy stays in the Caribbean have afforded me many opportunities to experiment with several photographic tools and techniques that some would consider "cutting edge". Tools and techniques which are now part of my creative approach.

For example, I sometimes use snoots to selectively illuminate subjects, drawing attention to key elements and adding a mysterious effect. At other times, I use multiple remote strobes to provide off-camera illumination in order to cast eerie glows within pitch dark caves.

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