Dietmar W. Fuchs

Wildlife Photographer


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"One picture may tell you more than a 1000 words."


"A single skin dive in a water reservoir in northern Germany fascinated Fuchs enough to start a career in diving at an early age."


About the photographer


Even while professionally he became an Air Force pilot first, he never stopped exploring the depth of the oceans and after a questionable career as treasure hunter, he started some serious business as dive instructor and captain of a Caribbean-based liveaboard in the early 1980s. 

Following up some undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico he enrolled at the University of Munich for a graduate study of Marine Biology receiving a prestigious award for his thesis on ”Marine Snail Hatchery” in 1992. Nevertheless, neither piloting an aircraft or a dive vessel, nor any laboratory or field work could satisfy him completely, it was the dive adventures Fuchs was looking for—in the ocean as much as on his beloved Macintosh computer. Today, after 25 years as editor in chief of various international media, Fuchs has found his true addiction: editing and promoting underwater photo art, which he does since 2008 in the internationally acclaimed Edition Fifty Fathoms. 

His cooperation in Blancpain’s 2013 World Oceans Day exhibition at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York is considered one of his major successes in the field of promoting underwater photography to a worldwide audience. Working together with some of the finest underwater photographers for nearly half of his life, Fuchs has met many dive media professionals, authors and photographers likewise, and has chosen the very best of all for their contributions to Blancpain’s ”Fifty Fathoms: The Dive and Watch History“—an immense book of 400+ pages and a weight of more than 5 pounds.

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