Edition Fifty Fathoms - 2010



History of Fifty Fathoms by Dietmar W. Fuchs

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As the first modern diving watch was baptized by two words, Fifty and Fathoms, each Edition Fifty Fathoms is also described by two words. In 2010 in the shortest way possible: "3D", which stands for the unique three dimensional view each of the 50 pages offers when using the enclosed 3D-glasses. But, different from all other 3D-printing processes, the Edition Fifty Fathoms features the regular two dimensional printing when not using the special glasses-making it a very high end print product as the other volumes of the Edition are, again featuring four outstanding portfolios. Editorial wise, the "3D" edition starts a series on Fifty Fathoms watch themes, combining the beauty of the first modern divers watch with the beauty of high selective underwater photo art.