Norbert Probst Wildlife Photographer

Even the very best camera is nothing but a tool

For excellent pictures, the brand is only secondary importance, if at all. However: I prefer Canon.

About the photographer

The cameras are easy to handle, provide high auto focus speed, and for wide-angle underwater photography they feature the so-important full format sensor. Yet I started out with a Nikonos IV-A in 1980. A long stretch of my journey was in the company of a Nikonos V, followed by a Canon F1 in an Ikelite housing, several Pentax LX in Subal housings, some Nikon RS (nice lenses, but I was never lucky with the case), a few Canon 50E in Subal housings, and eventually, at a very late moment in my career, I moved on to digital cameras in 2006. I was waiting for an affordable full format camera with sufficient resolution for a full-spread in a magazine. Today, I work with the Canon 5D and 5D-MKII in a Seacam housing. I also like the Seacam flash, but for close-ups I prefer a Canon flash system in a Sealux housing. I dream of a small, lightweight equipment with well-fitted domes or even in water lenses, which ensures sharpness and resolution across the whole image. After 26 years of film photography, the changeover to digital cameras was a real challenge for me. I had to learn many things, especially because the post-production is such an important factor in today’s work as a photographer. It goes without saying that I use several computers and programs, to improve the data of my photos. But in the end, it always shows.

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This portfolio is featured in Edition Fifty Fathoms 2009 Book.
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