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Alan Lo

Wildlife Photographer

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"Journey into a new world."


"Expressing myself through photography was my idea of a profession from the start."

Alan Lo_LOW

About the photographer


After graduating in photography at the Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London in the late 1980s, I returned to Hong Kong and immediately landed my first job as a professional photographer. I became the junior in-house photographer for the famous Hong Kong-based fashion retailer Joyce Boutique. So for the first few years of my professional life I took pictures of luxury clothes and accessories and the people wearing them. But one morning on my way to a shooting I lacked my usual motivation. My passion and brio were gone. This was when I knew I had to change track, recharge my creative batteries, and rekindle the inner fire that had brought me into photography in the first place. I switched from people and fashion photography to landscape photography and then into food photography. Now and then I did some work for the fashion industry as well. It was okay but I still felt out of place. 

This changed dramatically in 2009. This was the year when I met my future wife, Connie. She is an experienced diver and talked me into diving although I was not that crazy about submerging myself into the deep blue at all. I preferred sports in broad sunlight and balmy air to those that required air tanks and floating in deep waters. For love’s sake I joined Connie in doing what she loved most. One day, she got me a housing for my camera and made me see the underwater wonders through the photographer’s lens. This moment was a cornerstone in my life. When I started doing close-ups of tiny creatures and trying to capture the smallest details of what I found, I got hooked forever. Finally, my true passion had been sparked. Macro photography is where I belong in the big world of photography. It has earned me international recognition. 

The macro camera lens reveals the world of the microscopic and I want you to accompany me into this fascinating universe of its own.

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