Edition Fifty Fathoms - 2018



Ocean Commitment by Jeffrey Kingston

Twelve Topshots by Dietmar W. Fuchs

Mission Impossible by Josepf Tepper

Ernest "Ernie" H. Brooks II. By Bret

Gilliam and Dietmar W. Fuchs

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2018 marks a triple anniversary. It is of course the Fifty Fathoms' 65th Anniversary, but also 15 years from the launch of Blancpain's ocean exploration and conservation initiatives, which today are regrouped under the Blancpain Ocean Commitment label, and 10 years from the inaugural issue of Edition Fifty Fathoms. At Blancpain we believe knowledge of the underwater world brings with it concern for its protection and preservation. Thus, in continuation of the role played by the Fifty Fathoms as an instrument which contributed to the opening up of the underwater world, we have been supporting those who best raise awareness of ocean issues and especially those who convey a positive message insisting on the inspiring beauty of what's intact. Edition Fifty Fathoms was launched 10 years ago as a means to raise awareness and communicate our passion for the ocean. 40 photographers have already published their portfolios starting with the Patriarch of underwater photography Ernie Brooks who has been using light and shadow to display his passion and creativity, touching the very soul of those who have seen and appreciated his gift to us all. As a sign of recognition and gratitude for his friendship and participation in this project, we have decided to dedicate the Anniversary issue of Edition Fifty Fathoms to black and white photography, and offer a special hand-numbered series of the book with the newest Ocean Commitment limited edition timepiece.