Edition Fifty Fathoms - 2008



Shark Project by Gerhard Wegner
Truk Lagoon by Claus-Peter Stoll
Stoll Dive & Watch History Wolfgang Freihen and Dietmar W. Fuchs

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The first volume of the Edition Fifty Fathoms collection features four photographers with a very different art of photography: black and white, macro, wreck and nude photography. While the nudes are not really fitting the idea of today's Ocean Commitment, they very much fit the idea of art and beauty. As different as the photographic art is the printing technology used for each individual portfolio in this first edition. Each portfolio got its own manufactured printing, its individual colors and varnishes. A short historical overview of the Fifty Fathoms area completes this first volume of an astounding photo magazine collection. The Edition Fifty Fathoms will indeed feature 12 magazines by 2020!