Female Fifty Fathoms Award - 2023

Celebrating inspirational women in ocean photography. Here’s to the boundary-pushers and innovators; the pioneering spirits and the resolute; the forward-thinkers and the cause-committed. Here’s to femininity, without compromise. Which female photographer most inspires you? Local or international, amateur or professional, famous or not. Let’s raise them up. Let’s inspire the next generation of ocean women through their example. Let’s push for parity.


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Merche Llobera,

Now in its third year, the Female Fifty Fathoms Award encourages women to share their vision of the underwater world, acting as a beacon of inspiration. The candidates, chosen by the OPY jury and a Blancpain delegation led by Marc A. Hayek, who is President and CEO, as well as an avid diver, are able to uniquely showcase the beauty of our planet. This year, the Manufacture of Le Brassus is rewarding the efforts of Spanish photographer, Merche Llobera. Based in Madrid, Merche has been travelling the globe since 2019 with the aim of capturing the very essence of wildlife and the underwater world. Through the emotion her images convey, Merche Llobera promotes the preservation of wildlife and its natural habitat, and her work has been recognised by the likes of National Geographic Spain, BBC Earth and Sony Alpha Universe.



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