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Female Fifty Fathoms Award - 2022

Celebrating inspirational women in ocean photography. Here’s to the boundary-pushers and innovators; the pioneering spirits and the resolute; the forward-thinkers and the cause-committed. Here’s to femininity, without compromise. Which female photographer most inspires you? Local or international, amateur or professional, famous or not. Let’s raise them up. Let’s inspire the next generation of ocean women through their example. Let’s push for parity.

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Brooke Pyke,

The second Female Fifty Fathoms Award (FFF) was won by Australian photographer Brooke Pyke. Launched last year with the aim of encouraging women to share their perceptions of the undersea world, submissions in this category doubled in 2022 compared to 2021. In accordance with the FFF award regulations, Brooke Pyke was nominated for the competition by a third party who admires her work and commitment to the ocean. As for all FFF nominees, her pictures (10 in total) were not only judged by the OPY panel, but also by a Blancpain delegation led by the President and CEO, Marc A. Hayek. A passionate diver since his youth, he too wields a camera to capture his amazing underwater experiences. The panel and Blancpain also praised the winner’s achievements, as well as her ability to inspire others to contribute to protecting the ocean.

A dedicated diver and photographer, Brooke Pyke misses no opportunity to document the beauty to be found under the waves through her photographs. A fervent defender of the seas, she uses her photographic talent to raise awareness of the need to preserve the treasures of the ocean depths.



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