Sea Academy: the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation launches a participatory ocean conservation and restoration project supported by Blancpain

For nearly 20 years, Blancpain has supported numerous initiatives to preserve the underwater world, including the Sea Academy project. Initiated by the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation, and in collaboration with local communities, the project focuses on the creation of marine protected areas around Pangatalan Island and Shark Fin Bay in the Philippines.

The Philippines has one of the largest areas of coral reef in the world. Located within the Coral Triangle, these islands lie within an extremely rich reef zone that is home to 80% of the world's coral species. These 'rainforests' of the sea are teeming with life and provide vital services such as food and income to the human populations surrounding them. Unfortunately, this region is heavily impacted by human activity and global warming. It is therefore imperative to protect it. In order to address these threats and allow for a resurgence of marine biodiversity in harmony with the societies that depend on it, the Sea Academy project acts around the following pillars:

1. The development of 3 MPAs – totalling 150 hectares – in Shark Fin Bay, around Pangatalan Island.
2. The restoration of coral habitats.
3. Awareness-raising and education of the local population.
4. Communication and media coverage on the experiences led.

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