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Oceana – Project Alacranes

Supported by Blancpain, Oceana completed the primary step of Project Alacranes, its first ever Mexican expedition to investigate and document the health of the Bajos del Norte and Alacranes reefs, home to some of the richest marine life in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oceana is the largest international organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation. Blancpain supports its field and advocacy efforts to restore marine ecosystems and ocean abundance.


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The collaboration was launched in Mexico with Project Alacranes involving a team of ten marine scientists with complementary specialties who investigated and documented the health of Bajos del Norte and Alacranes reefs.

Very little scientific research has been conducted in Bajos del Norte, hence the importance of the findings of Project Alacranes expedition. Marine scientists play a crucial role in determining the area's biological wealth by using cutting-edge technology to monitor corals, mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, and other invertebrates and fish.

The scientific report resulting from the expedition will be used to promote the changes needed to protect and guarantee the future of this important ecosystem where numerous endangered species live, and commercial species reproduce before migrating to areas where fishing is an important economic factor.

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