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June 2023

Biopixel – Great Barrier Reef

In line with its ocean commitment, Blancpain is partnering with Biopixel Oceans Foundation and Biopixel, specialising in ocean research and exploration. The aim of this collaboration is to support scientific research, propose innovative restoration solutions and raise public awareness of the need to preserve one of nature's jewels: the Great Barrier Reef.

Blancpain supports Biopixel's activities in two ways: scientific research to learn more about certain species and impact conservation decisions; and production of a series of films focusing on personalities who dedicate their lives to protecting and saving the Great Barrier Reef.

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Through science, innovative technology and sustainable practices of projects including coral restoration, habitat management, animal rehabilitation and megafauna research, this multi-disciplinary project stems from Biopixel’s close collaboration with Blancpain, Australian authorities and universities, as well as local communities such as the traditional owners who have held deep cultural ties with the Great Barrier Reef for centuries.

Biopixel Oceans Foundation's scientific research, led by marine biologists Richard Fitzpatrick and Dr. Adam Barnett, seeks to analyse the movements of marine animals such as sharks and manta rays, between protected areas and endangered zones and to study the behaviour of sharks and marine life with human interactions. The public can track several of these animals online in real time and observe their journey across the Great Barrier Reef, such as the two Whale sharks affectionately named Blancpain & Fifty Fathoms. Since 2019, several research expeditions have been conducted, to gather robust information on the movement behaviour, migrations and habitat use of various species over time.

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About Biopixel Oceans Foundation


Biopixel Oceans Foundation facilitates and undertakes scientific research, exploration and education, to raise awareness for the underwater world. In partnership with leading academic institutions, and other NGO’s, Biopixel and the Biopixel Oceans Foundation support numerous reef restoration and other marine environmental projects and provide footage and scientific information to influence conservation decisions, improve knowledge of under-researched species and instil a passion for the oceans in younger generations.


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About Biopixel

Biopixel is an Australian film company specialising in nature and animal behaviour sequences, particularly of aquatic life. Founded in 2013 by Richard Fitzpatrick and Bevan Slattery, Biopixel was born of a shared passion for technology, diving, nature and the great outdoors. In partnership with James Cook University in Cairns, Biopixel operates one of the largest underwater filming facilities in the world. The company's clients include world-renowned media outlets such as the Netflix, BBC, National Geographic, ARTE and Discovery Channel.


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The movies

Biopixel Expedition - Raine Island
Biopixel Expedition Megamouth – Searching for cold water upwelling
Biopixel Expedition - Resurrecting the reef