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Ocean Photography Awards

Produced by Oceanographic Magazine in support of ocean conservation charity SeaLegacy, the objective of the Ocean Photography Awards annual competition is to communicate the beauty of the ocean as well as the many perils it faces. To achieve this goal, it calls on the talent and sensitivity of any individual involved in photography and using the ocean as their subject.

The Awards are inclusive, open to all photographers (amateurs and professionals, divers and surfers, young and old) and are a celebration of the talent and commitment of the ocean photography community around the world. The Awards are a platform through which ocean artistry is shared with millions – art that is enjoyed and discussed, art that puts the ocean centre stage in people’s hearts and minds. 

Despite their inclusive nature, the Ocean Photography Awards tend to attract a vast majority of masculine participants. To encourage women to share their perspective on the underwater world, Blancpain launched in 2021 the Female Fifty Fathoms Award, a new category designed to reward women's achievements in the field of ocean photography to inspire future generations and encourage them to work towards ocean preservation.

© Banner Image on this page: Tobias Baumgaertner, Community Choice Award 2020