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Gianluca Genoni

Since 2007, Blancpain partners with world freediving champion, Gianluca Genoni. With Blancpain's support, Genoni has set multiple free diving and apnea records and made contributions to medical science with experiments at high elevations, under the ice and in the sea. Genoni set his first record in 1996 in the variable weight category where he was to reign unrivalled for years with his free dive to a depth of 106 meters. He beat his own record eight times. Genoni then undertook a new no limits free diving discipline which uses an underwater scooter and set two world records, the last of which was 160 meters in 2012. In 2008, Gianluca Genoni achieved an important milestone in his career when he held his breath for 18 minutes and three seconds, shattering the previous record in static apnea with oxygen ventilation.

"When I am immersed in the deep and I am holding my breath for minutes, I think about coral reefs, colorful fish, sea fans and soft corals that open up like the curtain in a movie theater to reveal the latest blockbuster made by nature."

Gianluca Genoni, free diving champion & multiple record-holder