Blancpain ocean commitment

A global concept

Blancpain’s commitment to the underwater world took on a new dimension in 2014 with the collaborative gathering of all its partnerships under the label Blancpain Ocean Commitment, as well as with the launch of the first series of Ocean Commitment limited edition watches. Today, two years and three million square kilometers of protected ocean later, Blancpain reconfirms its commitment with the launch of a new all-blue limited edition.

  • + 4,000,000 Blancpain has contributed to doubling the protected ocean surface area (km2)

  • 17 Expeditions

  • 7 Continents

Map of the world with expeditions

Additional Donation

Laurent Ballesta and the Gombessa team are benefiting from an additional donation of 250,000 Euros linked to the sale of the first limited edition Blancpain Ocean Commitment watch.

Within the framework of the Gombessa II expedition in 2014, Laurent Ballesta’s team went to the southern pass of the Fakarava atoll in French Polynesia to study the annual reproduction of camouflage groupers.

During the expedition, researchers were surprised to note an unusual density of gray reef sharks totaling up to 700 individuals. This is the largest density of this species ever observed.

Shots of some 2,000 images per second revealed the intensity of the sharks’ nocturnal activity, as well as what appeared to be a nocturnal pack hunting strategy. If this strategy was to be confirmed, it would call into question our existing knowledge of these sea creatures.

The new project focusing on the pack hunting behavior of gray sharks started in June-July 2016 with an initial 35-day expedition, which saw divers spend a total 200 hours of night diving in the heart of the shark pack.

In 2017 with the use of innovative protocols and observation equipment the team will be able to establish a more accurate picture and verify their scientific hypotheses.

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Helping protect the ocean

Making a difference

At the heart of its Ocean Commitment is Blancpain’s determination to make a difference by supporting important scientific projects, oceanographic exploration, underwater photography, environmental forums, exhibitions, high-profile publications and a dedicated website. We hope as you discover the many initiatives which we have undertaken as part of our Ocean Commitment you too will be inspired to lend your voice in support.

Limited Edition Watch

Watchmaker's Contribution

Second of a series of limited-edition diver’s watches, the Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback Ocean Commitment is an integral part of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment project. For each watch sold in this 250-piece limited edition, Blancpain makes a donation of 1,000 Euros (totaling 250,000 Euros for the limited series of 250 watches) to the organizations that it is backing within the context of the Ocean Commitment program and which are undertaking important work in the cause of ocean exploration and preservation.

 Chronographe Flyback

Blancpain Ocean Commitment II
Ref. 5200-0310-G52 A

Technical specifications

  • Calibre F385

  • 36'000 vibrations per hour (5Hz)

  • Satin-brushed blue ceramic case

  • Engraved Ocean Commitment winding rotor

  • Unidirectional satin-brushed grey ceramic bezel with blue ceramic insert and Liquidmetal® hour-markers

  • Water resistant to 30 bar

ocean commitment circle

become an active player

Every owner of a limited edition Blancpain Ocean Commitment (BOC) timepiece is invited to become member of the “Ocean Commitment Circle”. Owners receive a certificate confirming that a donation has been made for their watch. Thanks to their purchase, they become an active player and support Blancpain in its endeavors to ensure the preservation of our oceans. Special privileges will be granted to the members of the Circle, such as close relationships with Blancpain partners, opportunities to meet them, exclusive information and news.